Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ajax Tab Container with MultiLine Tab Headers

try using one of these two.

1. We can solve this problem with a single line in our css. here it is

.ajax__tab_default .ajax__tab_header /* this makes the tabs wrap*/ { 
    white-space: normal!important; } 
2. However, you can just put the following in your style sheet. Note that you do need all of them, and the !important.
.ajax__tab_default .ajax__tab_header {white-space:normal !important;}
.ajax__tab_default .ajax__tab_outer {display:-moz-inline-box;display:inline-block}
.ajax__tab_default .ajax__tab_inner {display:-moz-inline-box;display:inline-block}
.ajax__tab_default .ajax__tab_tab {margin-right:4px;overflow:hidden;text-align:center;cursor:pointer;display:-moz-inline-box;display:inline-block}


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