Thursday, July 5, 2012

Advantages of SQL Server 2008 over SQL Server 2005?

  • Transparent Data Encryption. The ability to encrypt an entire database.
  • Backup Encryption. Executed at backup time to prevent tampering.
  • External Key Management. Storing Keys separate from the data.
  • Auditing. Monitoring of data access.
  • Data Compression. Fact Table size reduction and improved performance.
  • Resource Governor. Restrict users or groups from consuming high levels or resources.
  • Hot Plug CPU. Add CPUs on the fly.
  • Performance Studio. Collection of performance monitoring tools.
  • Installation improvements. Disk images and service pack uninstall options.
  • Dynamic Development. New ADO and Visual Studio options as well as Dot Net 3.
  • Entity Data Services. Line Of Business (LOB) framework and Entity Query Language (eSQL)
  • LINQ. Development query language for access multiple types of data such as SQL and XML.
  • Data Synchronizing. Development of frequently disconnected applications.
  • Large UDT. No size restriction on UDT.
  • Dates and Times. New data types: Date, Time, Date Time Offset.
  • File Stream. New data type VarBinary(Max) FileStream for managing binary data.
  • Table Value Parameters. The ability to pass an entire table to a stored procedure.
  • Spatial Data. Data type for storing Latitude, Longitude, and GPS entries.
  • Full Text Search. Native Indexes, thesaurus as metadata, and backup ability.
  • SQL Server Integration Service. Improved multiprocessor support and faster lookups.
  • MERGE. TSQL command combining Insert, Update, and Delete.
  • SQL Server Analysis Server. Stack improvements, faster block computations.
  • SQL Server Reporting Server. Improved memory management and better rendering.
  • Microsoft Office 2007. Use OFFICE as an SSRS template. SSRS to WORD.
  • SQL 2000 Support Ends. Mainstream Support for SQL 2000 is coming to an end.

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