Monday, September 24, 2012

Access an website using IP Address in an LAN Network

step 1:

Click on Start--> Run-->type in textbox 'Inetmgr', to open IIS .

step 2:

click on Websites-->Default Websites --> YourWebApplicationName

browse through your application virtual directory.

step 3.
right click on WebApplication and select PROPERTIES.

click on 'Directory Security' Tab

step 4.

In 'Anonymous Access and Authentication Control' click on EDIT .

step 5.

Check the checkbox 'Anonymous Access' and uncheck remaining all
(except Allow IIS to control password, Let it be checked)

step 6.

Click Ok. again OK.

Step 7.

now open control panel-->Windows Firewall

step 8.

click on Exceptions Tab.

step 9.

Click on Add Port. Enter Name: IIS and Port Number : 80 Click Ok.again
Click OK.

step 10.

now open IE and enter your system IP : http://192.168.X.X/

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